Data-Driven Pricing

for Used Beverage Machines

We provide market value appraisals based on dynamic real-time data of the second hand market for beverage machines. With our own market intelligence system we capture supply and demand trends continously. Thus, we ensure a market-driven and fair pricing for sellers and buyers of used beverage machines.
For Sellers
What is your machine worth? We give you a free market value appraisal and fair pricing.
Free value appraisal
Real-time market data
Fair pricing
For Buyers
Get price transparency for all machines! No price on request hassle - ExWorks prices visible for every machine.
Price transparency
Visible ExWorks prices
Fair pricing
How Does It Work?
Selling Process
You send us machine information on manufacturer, model and year of manufacture. We work on a first market value appraisal and get in personal contact with you to talk about further steps.
Buying Process
You send us a quote request for the machine you are interested in and we clarify technical and commercial details in personal contact with you.
Our Expertise
For our market value appraisal we combine data from our market intelligence system with information about real-time supply and demand developments with original equipment values and historical transaction data. Out of this we form a pricing reference we finally enrich with a condition check and our team’s expertise for market needs. The result is a marketdriven and fair pricing to ensure maximum value for sellers and attractive prices for buyers of used beverage machines.
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Carsten Hormes

Managing Director - Engineering