Warehouse Service

for Used Beverage Machines

Our newly introduced storage service extends greater flexibility for both buyers and sellers seeking to purchase or sell used beverage machines. With access to our dedicated warehouse, sellers can improve their resale value by extending the selling cycles, while buyers can take advantage of temporary storage options to better coordinate their used machinery purchases with their delivery requirements.
For Sellers
Get your machines out on time and still maximize your resale value: We store your machine as long as it takes to get the best resale value for your asset.
Store-And-Sell Option
Avoid scrapping
Maximize resale values
For Buyers
Secure your machine and plan your project with no time pressure: We store your machine as long as you need to set-up your project and be ready for assembly.
Buy-And-Store Option
Secure purchase opportunities
Increase logistics efficiency
How Does It Work?
Selling Process
Our marketing efforts for a given product line begin while it is still installed. If it must be removed due to the delivery of a new line, we offer our “Store-And-Sell Option“ with developing a plan for dismantling, transportation, and temporary storage. Thus, we can ensure to continue with global marketing activities throughout the entire process that the best possible resale value can be generated. By this we can avoid the need to sell under market value or to scrap the equipment.
Buying Process
When purchasing equipment, there may be instances when buyers need to store it before use. These reasons could include waiting for a BAFA approval, grouping multiple machines for combined transportation, or scheduling the arrival of the machine to avoid damage during on-site work. To cater to these needs, we offer our “Buy-And-Store Option“. In our own facilities we provide additional services, including machine cleaning, shipment preparations, machine adaptation, and spare parts exchange, if required.
Our Expertise
Our services cover everything from pre-storage to post-storage operations. Prior to storing your machines, we take care of professional dismantling, documentation, transportation, unloading, and installation. Once in storage, we offer cleaning, maintenance, machine adaptation, spare parts exchange, and machine presentations based on project requirements. When it is time for stored machines to leave our facilities, we provide fullservice logistics to ensure a seamless transition, from taking them out of storage to transport and re-installation at new production sites.
Our Installations
Our facility located in Bippen, Germany offers the following features to best serve your needs: Open space, closed roof (open and closed sidewalls) and heated premises.
Image of Outdoor
Image of Indoor
Image of Partially Enclosed
Partially Enclosed
Image of Heated Building
Heated Building
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