International Logistics

for Used Beverage Machines

Our services encompass comprehensive logistics solutions for the timely and professional removal of used beverage equipment. From preparation and dismantling to loading and transportation, we leverage the support of numerous logistics partners worldwide to ensure a seamless process.
For Sellers
As per your specifications and agreed-upon Incoterms, we will handle the complete removal process of the equipment sold.
Project management
Professional service
Hassle-free execution
For Buyers
We handle the entire logistics process, from disassembling to delivery at any location worldwide, according to your specific requirements and agreed-upon Incoterms.
All-round carefree package
Customized logistics service
Worldwide partner network
How Does It Work?
Selling Process
In line with the procurement of your machine, we will establish mutual agreement on the final Incoterms. Our team will then manage the entire process, including disassembly, removal, and loading onto the truck- We will also tailor our project management approach to meet your specific requirements and internal processes.
Buying Process
Our purchasing process entails worldwide delivery and proficient logistics services through our network of global partners, specialized in beverage machinery logistics. We provide a comprehensive package, tailored to the agreed Incoterm, for a seamless and personalized logistics solution, guaranteeing efficient and professional delivery of your machinery.
Our Expertise
Our organization boasts considerable proficiency in creating and executing logistics plans for second-hand beverage machinery. The primary aim is to streamline our clients' operations and provide effective solutions. We rely on our internal logistics expertise and team up with an extensive network of specialists in the beverage machinery domain to ensure that all global transactions align with the highest logistics standards.
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