Krones Lavatec KES Bottle Washer (1998)

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Lavatec KES






The bottle washer was manufactured in 1998 by the German company Krones. It is located at a German mineral fountain and is part of a line that has been shut down because the operator will be bottling in glass in the future and no longer in PET. The bottle washer is still assembled. 

Technical data 

  • Capacity: 44,000 bph 
  • Control range: 17,000 - 50,000 bph 
  • Bottles per row: 35 

The Machine in Detail / Equipment Features

  • Residual emptying
  • Pre-soak/ pre-caustic
  • High pressure pre-spraying with automatic screen discharge
  • Machine multi-part with 3 shocks
  • Pre-soak, water zone incl. head section
  • Discharge in V2A
  • Post-leach immersion bath KES
  • Post-leaching area in V2A 
  • Bottle cell in steel with plastic mouth
  • Feeding table in VA
  • Insertion finger feed with safety shutdown
  • Discharge with pick-up finger and safety cut-out
  • Muzzle basket control at the ejector
  • Shard ejector behind the delivery with
  • Shard collecting tray
  • Insulated area
    • the side walls in the area of the pre-liquor and main liquor as well as post-liquor
    • the roof in the area of the main liquor and the final liquor
    • the exchange lines
  • Label collecting belt in V2A with plastic belt
  • Sieves
    • Autom. fine screen discharge post leach, warm water 1 and 2
    • Cold water, with intermittent sieve belts and sieve belt rinsing for basic machine and pre-suds
    • Additional rinsing pipes in the screen boxes
  • KRONES rotary pipe spray
  • Degassing: steam exhaust fan in V2A with throttle valve
  • Heating 
    • Designed for a heating water system with a flow temperature of less than 120 degrees C
    • Heating medium: heating water 108 degrees C inlet temperature
  • Concentration measurement
    • Caustic concentration measuring system in the main caustic with display on the touch screen
    • Main leach concentration 1.5%
    • Caustic concentration measuring system in the pre-caustic tank with display on the touch screen
    • Pre-leach concentration min. 1%
    • Conductivity controlled post leach
  • Central lubrication: 
    • Make Lincoln
    • Lubrication lines made of V2A (partly of plastic)
  • Complete temperature control
  • Jam - lack - regulation with autom. restart in stop and go mode

*There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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