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The micro brewery was manufactured in 2020 by the manufacturer Shangdong. All equipment is in good condition, as it is still young. Besides the brew block and the cold fermentation block, there is a filling line for glass bottles.

List of equipment:

1. 20hl manual brew block with platform (5 tanks):

  • Production capacity: 2 brews of 20hl in 9 hours with 1 person 
  • Bigbag station with load cells and conveyor screw to crusher 
  • Crusher 1.5T/H + conveyor screw to mixing tank 
  • Brew kettle 
  • Lauter tank (electric desiccation with variator) 
  • Boil kettle (25hl, with external grille) 
  • Whirlpool tank 
  • 30HL hot water tank 
  • 40HL water reserve tank 
  • Plate heat exchanger 338KW (35hl/H) 
  • Steam piping: DN50 for the main supply, DN25 for supplying the tanks (line, trap, vacuum breakers, regulation valves etc. line steam capacity 600kg/H) 
  • 3x stainless steel analog flowmeters (brewing water, rinsing water, filtration tank outlet) 
  • 1x Stainless steel magnetic flowmeter at plate heat exchanger outlet 
  • 2x 4m tri clamp food hoses DN38 (high pressure rated) 
  • 3x 8m food hose 38mm (low pressure rated ) 
  • 4 stainless steel centrifugal pumps 
  • CIP 2x200L (cleaning in place 2 tanks (including 1 heated by 2 electrical resistances) + pump) 
  • Thermindus 300kg/H steam generator, propane

2. Cold block (installed fermentation capacity 220hl): 

  • 5 x isobaric 20hl tanks (3bar), double jacketed, insulated, manhole on top with PID regulator and solenoid valve 
  • 3 x isobaric 40hl tanks (3bar), double jacketed, insulated, manhole on top With PID regulator and solenoid valve - Stainless steel glycol circuit in DN50 
  • Hopgun 200L - Pneumatic pump (3m²/h) 
  • Injection tank isobaric 100L - fizzwizz v2 (saturation by automated CO2 injection in tank) 
  • Isobaric linear filler (1500 bottles/h in isobaric, 2000 bottles/h in atmospheric) 
  • Labeling machine (ENOS compatta, body labeling station + collar station, 3000 bottles/h) 
  • Rotary capper (6 heads, 6000 bottles/h) 
  • Taping machine + conveyor for case exit 
  • Rectangular exit accumulation table 160x120cm 
  • Round infeed accumulation table 100cm 
  • Conveyor belts linking the whole (U-shaped) 
  • Cooling unit, TAE evo TECH 121/P3, refrigerating capacity 35KW

3. Utilities:

  • Screw compressor ‘contimac’ NS10/270, tank 270L 
  • Pneumatic air dryer ‘Nuair’ 
  • Negative cold room 6,1m³

*There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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